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Posts by Catherine Adams

What My Horse
Taught Me

I wanted to share with you the experience I had with my beloved horse, Chasha, transitioning to life without a body. I began to talk to him telepathically about it at least a year before we made the decision because he was getting more and more lame. He told me at that time that he…

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Chakra Review & Healing

Some of my clients ask me to look at their chakras or do a chakra healing. It can be highly useful as things often show up in a chakra review and healing that don’t show up other ways. For example, I assumed an issue a client had was due to her heart or fourth chakra…

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Telepathy and Clairaudience

Your ability to be telepathic is centered in your 5th chakra which is in your throat area. Odd, since we “hear” telepathic messages in what seems to be our heads or our ears. If you are not sure you have had telepathic experiences, think back to loved family members who you just knew were going…

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The “Other Side”

I wanted to share with you what I have learned about life before life and after death from doing psychic work, having hypnosis sessions and my own experiences of loved ones who have left earthly life. Both animal companions and people you knew can see you better than you can see them. Loved ones can…

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Video and In-Person Sessions

I wanted you to know that I now have high quality video sessions. It is helpful to many people to feel they are seeing me and having a virtual visit. I also have an office for in-person, 1 hour sessions by appointment only, on Saturdays. The address is 100 W. El Camino Real, #74B, Mtn.…

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