Telepathy and Clairaudience

Your ability to be telepathic is centered in your 5th chakra which is in your throat area. Odd, since we “hear” telepathic messages in what seems to be our heads or our ears.
If you are not sure you have had telepathic experiences, think back to loved family members who you just knew were going through a troubled time, or you knew they were home even though they were supposed to be at work. That could be a combination of both telepathy and clairsentience (empathy, located in your 2nd chakra or pelvic area, of all places!). You could also be using your clairaudience, or your ear chakras.
Have you heard people say things to you either while you were awake or while in a dream via telepathy/clairaudience?
If you are interested in developing this ability, know that you already have it! You simply need to become more aware of it.
Our chakras look like big radars, much bigger than you would think. They appear like cones radiating out of various chakras. To become more aware, you could start meditating, or simply by cultivating a calm state while observing, not looking for anything in particular. People who know about the nervous system call this a “parasympathetic” state, which is calm, receptive, right-brained, not thinking, just “being”. When we are thinking, focused and active, we are using the “sympathetic” nervous system or the “left brain”. You are not likely to pick up much in the way of psychic sensing when you are in this state.
Meditation is a good practice to cultivate to be more aware of your psychic or spiritual abilities since it uses the parasympathetic nervous system. It takes just a few minutes out of each day to relax in an unfocused but aware manner, listening to your breathing, being aware of the small noises in your environment that you would normally not notice, and ask mentally to be aware of your body and mood. Once you are in this calm and aware state, you can “ask” to be aware of your telepathic and auditory chakras and ask that you be able to “hear” through them.
You can listen to the non-physical sounds in a busy restaurant by asking to be receptive and aware.
You may notice that some areas seem to be closed off to your psychic senses while other areas are open. I have noticed that I can see people’s auras and hear more clairaudient things when I am at a psychic fair or some other place where people give implicit permission for others to see them this way while people are more protective at grocery stores and places where they are not comfortable being seen in a psychic or spiritual way.
You can also hear tones. Everything vibrates at a frequency, and frequencies have sounds. Crystals and inanimate objects also have tones. People have tones, as well, though they are multilayered “overtones”. You can play with being aware of these things with someone who gives you permission to hear their tones, or try listening to the tone of a crystal, mineral or rock.
Words that suggest the parasympathetic nervous system: allowing, receive, breathe out, let go, being, calm, relax, unfocused, inaction, soft, quiet.
Words that suggest the sympathetic nervous system: thinking, focused, search, aroused, agitated, create, bright, noisy, do, action.
Enjoy being aware of your spiritual senses!