What Is Clairvoyance and
What Can I Expect in a Session With Catherine?

I am naturally clairvoyant...
However, I realize a lot of people do not understand it. First, some basics on being intuitive and getting a session, then a more involved explanation of clairvoyance...

We are all intuitive or psychic...
Some have more of one psychic ability than others, such as knowing (have you ever known something off the top of your head without knowing why?), clairaudience (psychic hearing), clairsentience (picking up on feelings), clairvoyance (seeing images). People who are psychic counselors have the same abilities that most people have (usually they have a real gift in one or more areas) but they also have the divine gift of helping others. For instance, people have always come to me for advice and understanding. Even adults came to me when I was a child. Most of what makes a psychic special is the wisdom, understanding and compassion they have when reading you. My guides have told me I am to be a spiritual healer in this lifetime.

How do you get the best session?
It is best if you are comfortable and open minded.
Oddly, you get the best reading when you are aligned with your Higher Self . If you are feeling upset, angry, very depressed, you will find you will not get the best reading.
I do not really tell you anything you do not already know on some level.
People tend to think this reader or that reader is best, as if they are shopping for the best or cheapest product. Actually, most psychics who have integrity, experience and training can give you a great reading if they focus on you. Since a psychic reading is something created from the combined energy of you and the reader, and not a finite thing you might shop for, it has more to do with what attitude you bring to the session.

Match your expectations with reality...
The future is a set of probabilities and is created by your spirit in concert with your personality. It is not something that happens to you outside of your control. The reason why you may not always be aware of what is going on,  is that sometimes you are not so aware of your spirit. That is where all kinds  of counseling and psychic help come in. We help you be more aware of what  is going on, and then you can make your own choices. What an intuitive sees for the future can change. Your future is like camera film.... the more grounded something in the future is, the more it forms on the camera film, but it can also fade if you change your direction.

Choose an intuitive counselor who seems to match your values and who interests you.
Think about your feeling about his/her web page or advertisement, what he/she has to say, and the nature of your question. Do you feel comfortable  from this initial introduction? Do you think the person could help you with your question.  If you feel comfortable and you think your values match, your intuition is guiding you in the right direction.

More About the Nature of Clairvoyance...
You may think you are simply a personality in a body, but there is much more to you. You are a spirit, which is part of All That Is (God, Goddess, Allah, Source) with a particular frequency, or vibration. Everything is  vibrating energy or frequency, after all, and even your body is a vibrating  frequency. As you come into a body, you create an energetic field which  is your aura. Your spirit is able to perceive the world through your body in  various ways that you might not be aware of. Your body and spirit connect  through chakras, a Sanskrit word loosely meaning wheel.
Chakras are energetic vortices throughout your body that take in spiritual energy and monitor the world and how you react to the world. You may  think you get energy from food, but you get more of your energy through your  chakras than through food. Your chakras each have different ways of sensing the world.
To get a sense of this, think of how you might have walked into a room and felt uncomfortable in your stomach. Your 3rd chakra is located in your  stomach or solar plexus area and is your power center. If you are feeling  threatened by something, you will feel it in your 3rd chakra. This example is only one way we perceive frequencies. Another way is with clairvoyance, which is a French word meaning clear seeing. Color is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Your aura is composed of one or more colors, or frequencies, and this is what I first look at when I do a reading for you.
When I do a session for you, I first have to connect with you energetically.It is the same as resonance in basic physics. I adjust my vibration so I can clearly see you with my clairvoyance. I see your aura in colors, and see aspects of your physical features. Most importantly, I look for your gifts and life path in this lifetime. I also rely on my spirit guides as well as yours, and Spirit in general for any information Spirit wants you to know. This is usually simple and straight to the point. Then you can ask any questions you want. I do best with people, animals and spirits. I do not always get names, but that seldom is a problem since I see things so clearly.

Psychic Hot Lines
Some lines are legitimate. If you do use a psychic line, look for one with a reasonable price, and one where they give you information about their  psychics. Look for good energy... that is, uplifting, honest, advertising  that does not manipulate you with sensationalism to take advantage of their  services.
Historically these lines are set up to make money off of psychics and  charge you more than you need to pay. Psychics work for a fraction of the price you pay and are often not screened well. Some lines do not require the readers to be psychic, only good at asking you questions and keeping you on the phone  a long time. The nature of the readings the psychics have to do often "trashes"  their energy, as well, by compromising their integrity. These lines also tend  to encourage dependence on them. A good psychic will strengthen your sense of your own spiritual guidance so you can rely on yourself.

What are sessions with Catherine good for?
* Sessions are good when you feel like you need some affirmation or feedback on something you are experiencing. We sometimes feel stuck or unsure of what is going on in our lives, and just need some confirmation of what we already know.
* Sessions help you put things in perspective and can help with decision making.
* I can channel loved ones in the spirit world as well as spirit guides. Talking with those in Spirit is a large part of my work.
* I can help you understand how a loved one feels about you and where your relationship is going.
* I can help you know if a job or career is right for you or not. This is easily seen with your spiritual essence, which I see at the beginning of a reading.
* Find out about other lifetimes (known as past lives or reincarnation). They often come up in readings and are definately a part of who we are. It is amazing how they manifest in our daily lives as characteristics of our personalities.
* Sometimes all you need is some healing work to get you back on track. Healing work can improve communication with others in your life and help you create more abundance on all levels, as well.
My job is truly to reconnect you with your own spiritual wisdom. You make up your mind based on the information in the session, as if you were consulting someone. My philosophy is to teach and practice spiritual freedom, which  means you have your own spiritual guidance, which I can help you get in touch with. Many people tell me my predictions come true or that my healings work  wonders, but that is only because they allowed me to fully see their spirits and then followed through with what was true for them at the time. Any session is better when you feel somewhat balanced and spiritually open. If you are upset, a healing may help, but it is best to wait until you are calm before you ask for a reading.
A good intuitive counselor is someone who knows how to work with Spirit in a sincere and honest way. I have been close to Spirit all of my life due to my  sensitivity. I offer my services in Divine thankfulness and appreciation of the many beautiful beings who have crossed my path.

- Catherine


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