I am clairvoyant, empathic, a spiritual healer, an animal communicator and a conscious channel.

How did I get that way?

My Family and Childhood
I come from a family of artists, mediums, scientists and spiritually expansive people. This line goes back longer than I can trace. My Great Aunt Lillie was a trance medium. I was given the record of her inspirational and informative channeling from the 1930's recorded by my Grandmother Edith.

I knew as a child there was no death, and astral traveled around the neighborhood at night because it was magical, quiet and open. I was conscious of the fairies and elementals in my mother's garden. I know when an area of land is healthy and good by their presence. I am aware of many guides and Ascended Masters who help me with my work and my path in life. My guides have told me it is my path in this lifetime to be a spiritual healer. I can help people release their illnesses, but mostly I have been asked to clear the pain, fear and energy blocks that keep us from seeing our true selves. I can also help people make decisions about different areas of their lives. Lately my guidance has been pushing me to write a book on the Ascension which I am doing. I am also giving people a sense of what higher dimensions feel like with a "lift" during a session. This is part of the push from my guidance.

My Studies
I have been a student of metaphysics, science and psychology all of my life. I never thought of myself as a psychic as a child and felt mostly out of place. I was too empathic and healed everyone around me. However, partly because of a vision I had of my deceased grandfather at a young age and a spiritually aware teacher who came into my life at the age of 9, I was set on the path of spiritual awareness that could not be denied.

I have created a blend between my interest in human and planetary evolution and the spiritual aspect of life. I completed the Clairvoyant Program at the Berkeley Psychic Institute which taught me to use my spiritual abilities. I had a lifelong fascination also with human evolution and deep time which led me to study anthropology, paleontology and biology at UC. Berkeley and Northern Arizona University.

I went on to earn a master's degree in counseling psychology with an emphasis on Jungian, depth philosophy from the Pacifica Graduate Institute. I have a particular interest in both Depth and Transpersonal Psychology.

I am an Usui Reiki Master, as well.

I don't have any specific training working with animals, but I apply the same reading and healing principles to them that I do to people and they respond so very well! They love it when people talk to them intelligently!

I have the utmost respect for all ideologies and paths, and know that there is no one way to live a life. I avoid cults and organizations because of the human tendency to believe there is one way. However, I work to help you see your truth for yourself as it stands.

My Activities
My activities have included reconnecting at-risk teens with the community, helping the elderly, spiritually assisting with those crossing over, counseling children at a Catholic school, and working as a teacher's aide in a preschool for communicatively-handicapped children. I have also taught intensive programs in spiritual awareness as well as workshops for 14 years. I worked managing a grief program, doing crisis response and facilitating grief groups for 9 years. I am currently in private practice in Rescue, CA. I have been a professional spiritual counselor since 1996.

Discovering why I am here, who we are as humanity and how we can express our true being have been the driving forces behind my entire life. I have had some interesting experiences as many of you have! Follow your inspirations and who knows where you will end up!


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8am to 12pm PT
Appts can be up to an hour

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