Life Coaching

Life Coaching with Catherine

Get the best of what I have to offer in Life Coaching! I have kept my therapy business and my clairvoyant counseling businesses separate but have often wanted to merge the two. Life Coaching offers that opportunity to you.

What is Life Coaching with me useful for?
If you need weekly inspiration, energy healing, psychic tune ups, therapeutic coping skills and trauma support all in one
Good for transitions such as a major life change (divorce, support for dealing with illness and recovery, focusing yourself with children in the house or merging two families)
Creating your new life which may include a move, a new business and other things.
Increasing your awareness of who you are and how to use your unique spiritual abilities.
No doubt there are other wonderful uses!

Contact me by email at to set up a weekly schedule that works for both of us.
Sign a consent form.
We can do secure video on Zoom. You do not need to do anything except click on a link I will send you, and it will bring you into a video chat room that is secure.
I can send you worksheet pages, informative handouts and other helpful aids, too!

Rate is $80 per session per week. We can tailor the amount of sessions to your needs.

I am looking forward to working with you!