Catherine's Clairvoyant and Healing Work

The testimonials below are from only a
few of the many happy clients I have!

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I got an email from a young woman whose aunt has a dog who seemed deathly ill. The vet thought it was rat poison and told the aunt that the dog was going to die. I did a remote healing on the dog and that night the dog had a miraculous recovery. She still took weeks to get completely strong, but her relatively rapid and sustained recovery stymied but pleased the vet. I don't charge for such healing work (likelihood of imminent death). The poisoning wasn't due to rat poison but Naproxen that the aunt had been giving the dog for an injured paw with the intent to relieve pain poisonous to dogs because it cycles around in their filtering system rather then being washed out as with humans). Here is what the young woman said:
"OMG i am shaking right now, yesterday was awful because their dogs are like their children and they threw out all of the rat baits and cancelled the service, they said they would rather have rats then take the chance. The vet also said she might have ingested something like a poisonous mushroom, but he is pretty sure it was the rat bait, but he thought she would not make it, and she completely made a turn around last night. It was a miracle. I am getting the chills as I am typing this. She is not 100% but she is going to live and this is completely different from what the emergency hospital initially told my aunt & uncle yesterday. OMG!

I will send you pictures when the dog gets home! She is still at the vet on an IV getting fluids & vomiting so I will give u an update later when I know more!
Catherine I am so grateful that I found your website, you are the wisest most kind and amazing healer I have and will ever know, thank you beyond a million times, I don't even know how to thank you for this.

I have been working with Catherine for over 10 years, and would not have had it any other way. From the time I was in my early 20s to my mid 30s, Catherine has always been there to help guide me as I’ve grown spiritually and emotionally. She has helped me heal some serious back issues, has always given very insightful and accurate career advice, and has helped me learn and focus on the most important parts of life – life itself. She has helped me grow in ways I would have never imagined possible.

What’s funny is that even after 10 years of working with her, I am continuously amazed at the accuracy of her reading and her ability to heal with energy. (At one point, she told me I would be moving to the South East before that was even on my radar – and I thought she was nuts! But now I’m moving into a new home in Atlanta! Ha!) Catherine is a true light healer, and I am fortunate to have her guidance and support. You won’t know what you’re missing until you give her a try. Believe me, you will NOT be disappointed. Cheers!

C. Atlanta, GA


I had to share this with you-even after I didn't get the job in Martinez (that you had seen for me) and called you after and you said you still saw me in that job-well they called me yesterday saying they created another position and asked if I was still interested. I got a job offer today!!! Thank you. Now I am looking forward to meeting that guy now before Christmas (who you had seen)!
You were right about the cop too-you said I would be continually disapointed.....and I was and that he wasn't 100 % available. That was right on too!


My reading with you has made full circle and I wanted to share that with you.
You even got very specific information down to my boss.....and I just want you to know that that is exactly what has manifested.
You're amazing!  That is truly amazing that you got down to those types of details in your reading.  I never dreamed that part would ever manifest but it did!!!!!  I'm not really concerned about those detailed details but I suppose the Universe wanted me to see and believe.
You're good....you're REAL GOOD!
I'm so happy and I can't even begin to tell you how incredibly blessed I've been since I moved here. I must be on the right path 😉  THANKS TO YOU.
THANK YOU!!!!!  Much love and light, T.H.


Thank you so very much for the guidance you have given me. I have had  two readings with you in the past several months. The first reading, I did not want to hear what you had to say *smiles, however, your accuracy amazed me.
During that first reading, you saw the man I was involved with not being good for me and you saw me clearing my clutter for new things to come...both were absolutely right.
The second reading, I must say..WOW! Your words were...I see this fabric, you described it beautifully, and ribbon...and a private dectective! I met the private detective, and the fabric and ribbon you described was the corset I wore. You mentioned that I was in my element! I was!
There are many other things that your guidance has done for me, but I wanted those considering a reading from you to know....You are real.
Melissa M.


I called you when my dog Koda got kicked in the stomach and was in such pain. You did a remote healing on her and now she is jumping around like a puppy! I did not ask you about her hind leg that was injured, but that healed, too! Thankyou! T.H.

Hi Catherine!

I am seriously impressed. I must have said, "Good heavens!" at least 4 times before the third paragraph. Your reading blew me completely away. M.B. (email reading)

You told me 2 years ago that I would meet a man and you gave me his description. You said we would marry and you predicted when I would meet him. I met him, he fits the description and we are married now! M.U.

When my father in law was diagnosed with cancer, I contacted you for a healing. He could not keep his food down and his doctors said he was declining. He did not know about the healing, but within hours afterward, he began eating. Later that week a cancer cell count showed that the cancer cells had reduced dramatically. Thankyou for what you have done for our family. M.E.

Hi Catherine,

I thought I should let you know about the last reading. You said that I would be getting a new car and I said I couldn't afford it. You said 'in the future it will happen and you will be able to afford it'. That was the 27th of January and on the 31st of January I bought a Chevy Suburban, traded in the old one, had $7,000 off in customer incentives and my payments are lowered by $200.00 per month! - R.A.

My boss contacted me to find someone to do a healing for her friend who was dying of liver cancer with only hours to live according to the doctors. I did not know him, but thought of calling you. You did a remote healing for him. During the healing, he had a dream about a woman with a soft voice like the angels talking to him, telling him there was nothing to be afraid of. He was up and walking around within days.He was telling my boss this and my boss said "when  did you feel well enough to talk on the phone?" thinking he had talked to you on the phone. He said "Don't you get it? It was a dream!" My boss then told him you were contacted to do a healing. We have your picture up at the office and needless to say, we think you are the bestest! Toni

Dearest Catherine,

It was through an unfocused search of general information on the ethereal realm that I found your web site. Looking back now, it seems I was led to your site, when you consider all the hundreds of thousands  possible. Your site communicates a balance of spiritual and worldly understanding which quickly set my mind/judgment at ease. And even though it was not my original purpose, I strongly felt the desire to schedule a session for a  specific healing. I was delighted and comforted to discover in talking with you  an instant rapport - which has always been a personal measure. But I had no previous personal measure for the powerful immediacy of understanding and healing that occurred! Incredible experience... and yet, is this not the way it should be? Yes, absolutely! Thank you, dear and remarkable Catherine. Much love and appreciation. - Carole in California,

I have to tell you about Maxi. Maxi is our Rottweiler who came down with arthritis and could not walk on our kitchen floors. We took her to the vet, who put her on Prednisone and said there was nothing more he could do. I had you do a healing when I saw you at my sister's house and Maxi got better! She no longer needs Prednisone and the vet doesn't know what to think! I think there must be some special connection between Cathy and Maxi! T.Q.

I am pregnant now. I wanted to tell you that when you did a reading for me two years ago, you said I would get pregnant two years from that time. I was disappointed at the time that it would take so long. However, your prediction was accurate down to the month. - S. M., Pittsburg, PA

You made my day! You are so spot on in many things, almost frightens me :-). So, I 'm happy I chose you for my reading. I will surely ask you to do a reading for me again at a later point in time. - Siwi Andresen, Switzerland (email reading )

Thank you very much for your reading. You have put my mind at ease! The things you said made a lot of things more clear. I would love to ask a clarification question just to hear more...but I believe you have put things in such good perspective that I am much more at peace with this situation. You have done much to verify what was going on in my own mind...but being new to all of this...I just wasn't trusting myself. I just wanted to make sure [you knew] how 'dead-on' your reading was. Thank you very much. I look forward possibly getting a phone reading done sometime! Have a good day. - Ruth, (email reading)

You are the most accurate psychic I have spoken to. That is why I am calling again! You saw that I would have a daughter and that I would have problems with toxemia. That all happened, but we are fine now. - Kimberley S.

My husband and I were looking for a house. You said in your reading that you saw us getting a white house with white shutters in March and that we would find it through a realtor before anyone else had a chance to see it. I was so excited when my husband came home from talking to the realtor and told me about the house! It happened in March and the house is exactly how you had seen it. We are living in it now! - Marie Perrone, MA

You told me the relationship I was asking about would not last more than 4 months, but that I would meet another man soon after who would be better for me. I didn't want to listen, but the first man and I broke up exactly at 4 months after the reading and the man you saw came into my life. We are very happy. Thankyou! - Sandy, Arizona

I had the callers' questions up on the screen as they came up. Catherine (who could not see the screen and had no prior knowledge) accurately hit on all the caller's questions before they had a chance to ask them! - Hawk, Producer of the Ron and Fez Radio Show, WNEW-FM 102.7, NY

A session with Catherine beats months of therapy! Her reading brought comfort to me during difficult times and empowered me to make decisions that is best for me. I have recommended Catherine to many friends, and strongly believe that everybody will benefits from the healing gift of her insights - especially during these uncertain times.