Energy Healing

The Awesome Power of Energy Healing...

I also can remove stuck energy in your aura with my clairvoyance in concert with your higher self. This is energy healing.
This works because we are not separate as Newtonian physics would have us think. In fact, physics is coming to a point where scientists will see we are all part of a huge energy field, where general relativity and quantum physics merge. String theory is one attempt at that.
Energy healing is really nothing mysterious... it is just a matter of me tuning into your vibration and clearing out what doesn't belong in your particular energy field. I feel this is the future of medicine. You feel better after a healing, because your body operates on what the energy field gives it. I cannot guarantee results, however. I have had stunning successes with all kinds of illnesses, even cancer and AIDS. Healing is a complex act that depends on both you and me. I wish I could guarantee perfect results, but no one can. Yet, a healing can do no harm. A reading itself is a healing of sorts, because just having someone to talk to who understands  you helps you drop unwanted energy and gain your own light back.
Many have commented on my healing voice and comforting manner. That  is part of my gift, which is spirit working through me to help you. Readings and  healings are spirit in action: When I do a reading or healing for you, I open myself as a channel for spirit and I am in a Spirit Session with you.

Intuitive Counseling is not regulated by any organization, so here are some guidelines about who to watch out for:

Psychics who offer to remove curses...
I would like to caution everyone about those psychics who offer to  remove curses for a large amount of money in addition to your reading. They can  be good readers, but they invariably tell you that you have a curse on you and  it will cost some large amount of money for them to remove it. They also usually  tell you not to tell anyone. This is manipulative and frightening. Many  people believe this and pay the money. There is no need to do this! You can  simply say no and end the reading. Anyone forcing you to do anything is against  your best interest and well being!
Secondly, I need to explain curses. We pick up negative energy around  us every day that we carry around in our auras. Meditation is a good way to  have good "aura hygiene". However, if someone is angry at us or jealous of us, they may "whack" us with a psychic blow. The whack finds some insecurity or  painful memory in you and activates it. It can make you feel depressed or  unworthy or even cause physical illness. However, it is very easy to remove this. You can protect yourself by having clear boundaries and a positive attitude, and  if you do get whacked, I can remove it in a few seconds during a normal reading. I also teach psychic skills so you can be more aware and be able to do many things for yourself. Email me to find out about my telephone and Skype classes.

By the way, there is no curse that anyone can do that can  overtake your own spiritual integrity if you do not allow it.