Healing goes very quickly. Unlike some healers, I do not use my own
energy to heal. I ask your healing guides to come in. They do the large
part of it at my request and I just watch them. I may also call upon your
Higher Self to clarify, direct or give you a shower of restorative light once
the healing is done. I watch with my clairvoyance and then step in for
anything I do not feel is complete. In a sense, your healing guides and I
work together. I do not know exactly what all is involved in the healing
process but it seems to be on a super conscious level as well as beyond
the conscious awareness of either you or me.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and do not do this work according to a
medical model. No guarantees can be made for outcome, you must be at
least 18 years old and this is for entertainment purposes only. I am not
able to address mental illness of any kind.

All this work is done over the phone or video.

I do not charge for life threatening situations such as AIDS, Cancer or
2019 Coronavirus or those conditions for which I have not had success
so far such as Herpes.

Most healing work is done as part of a normal session and takes only
minutes! I do not charge extra for doing any healing work as some do.


With experimentation, I found out in the 90’s that I was able to easily
clear RNA viruses. This includes flu, colds, measles, the 2019 Coronavirus,
viral pneumonia and some others.


I have yet to clear DNA viruses (Herpes Simplex 1 and 2, Chickenpox,
Shingles and more) except one: Human Papillomavirus. I am still
researching energy healing methods for Herpes. I am usually able to
reduce symptoms, however.


This is a virus that shows up like a RNA virus to the body, then switches
to a DNA virus once attached to a cell. I had success clearing one case of
HIV in my years doing this work but not since. For your knowledge, the
case was of full AIDS and the beginning of bone cancer. It cleared
completely in two weeks with only two 15 minute healing sessions.


I have had some success here, but not enough to be reliable.


This is another healing subject I discovered via experimentation. I am
able to easily do cervical and thoracic vertebrae adjustments as well as
hip and sacral adjustments as long as no herniated discs are involved.
For those who have herniated discs and chronic pain, I am usually able
to reduce pain significantly. People are amazed as this is done over the


Infections from cuts, bites, bacterial pneumonia and lung infections


Inflammation that can occur as a result of bruises, muscle injuries, bone
bruises, skin bruises, poor diet, etc.




I have had great success on lowering blood pressure, increasing the
health of your circulatory system and even helping with some heart
ailments if they are not progressed.


I have had some successes in repairing nerve damage. I will always try. I
am able to restore a calm state in most cases, as well. I cannot address
nervous energy as a result of mental illness such as psychosis, bipolar
disorder, etc.