The “Other Side”

I wanted to share with you what I have learned about life before life and after death from doing psychic work, having hypnosis sessions and my own experiences of loved ones who have left earthly life.

Both animal companions and people you knew can see you better than you can see them.

Loved ones can share scents, the sound of their voices, images, feelings and thoughts with you. There are those people who have experienced having a keepsake moved to get your attention, for example. They can also make you aware of them through songs, creatures such as birds, butterflies or any other thing by merging their energy with the butterfly or whatever it is.

They are always around, even if they have “moved on”. Even family members who died before you were born are around you and aware of you.

Animals tend to hang around the place they loved to be, such as a car they rode in with you, the ranch they lived at or a sunny spot by the window in your house they used as a resting place. People appear to me around your shoulders, usually at a respectful distance.

The worst thing for them is you being locked in your pain, not realizing they are there.

Even if your loved one died a violent death, you will find that they are free and vibrating at their unique happy state. If you expect a maudlin or heavy mood on the part of your loved one, you will not easily feel them. If you instead are open to their usual personality at its happiest and most content, you will easily connect with them.

Your relationship with your loved ones continues and evolves. As you resolve any unresolved blame or guilt, they adjust, as well. You can also share happy events and achievements with them in your heart and your mind. They share in your joy! They are also there to comfort you or remind you to slow down when you need it.

They can appear to me in many ways, usually because they are trying to find an image that will work best for you. Spirits are really vibrating sparks of light (you are, too, even though you have a body). I often see people in their 30’s even if they lived to be 91.

They are usually not the best beings to expect to be your guides. Instead, they are beloved companions and family members that they always were, providing the same comfort and love as usual. Rely on your spirit guides and your Higher Self to guide you instead.

I can do mediumship in my sessions with you any time.

Walk in joy,