Chakra Review & Healing

Some of my clients ask me to look at their chakras or do a chakra healing. It can be highly useful as things often show up in a chakra review and healing that don’t show up other ways.

For example, I assumed an issue a client had was due to her heart or fourth chakra blocking abundance but when I looked at her chakra system, it turned out to be her sacral or second chakra that was having problems. I was able to do some clearing and healing of the issues there and her entire countenance and energy changed.

In another case, I did chakra reviewing and clearing for another client over time and noticed her throat or fifth chakra resolve a deep-seated life pattern over time. After a few years, that issue is now completely gone.

All chakras are connected in sometimes unexpected ways that have little to do with what you read in books. A clairvoyant or any psychic who looks at chakras can see that they are more dynamic than books are usually able to convey. In many cases, I see that if one chakra is imbalanced, it will throw the balance of all the other chakras off. It follows that if one chakra is balanced, it helps the energy flow of all the other chakras.

Chakras have typical ages when they mature. For example, the second chakra appears to be around 7 years old in most people.

You may be surprised to know that chakras give you more energy than food does! You need food and water to survive, but you also cannot live as a functioning human being without your energy body dynamically interweaving your consciousness with your body.

What are chakras? I see them as big cones, much bigger than you might image, that have the tip of their cones connected to the body. The crown chakra opens straight to the sky and the base chakra points down to the earth while the others along the spine open to the front and back and run horizontally. I use the 7 main chakras that are mentioned on most chakra books which govern different areas of your life experience in spiritual, emotional and physical ways.

If people want to know what job is right for them, a chakra healing may not be indicated, but if people have deeper life questions or need energy healing for a physical issue, a chakra healing can be very helpful.

Feel free to ask me about getting a chakra review/healing when you contact me.

Also, keep an eye out for my upcoming book on how I do what I do!

Walk in Light,