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Catherine is a trained clairvoyant, spirit medium,  animal communicator, energy healer
and Usui Reiki Master.  She has been providing psychic guidance and healing  for 20 years, helping thousands of people.
She also has a Master's degree in Jungian depth counseling psychology.

She is one of the most accurate yet down to earth clairvoyants you will find anywhere.
Catherine can work with you at the highest levels of the celestial realms or mundane concerns although she is more of a spiritual healer and guide than a predictive psychic. Catherine has also successfully taught many others to use their psychic abilities. Catherine has a gentle, friendly, healing manner and people comment on the healing nature of her voice, as well. Her gift comes from the celestial realms, to remind all of us of who we are.

Special note: In this moment, let your heart open to joy even if you do not see or feel it around you. Let light come down from above and fill you. You are not alone, even if it feels like you are. With this light, you touch others without saying a word. Let LOVE light the path ahead for you.


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Check out Catherine's appearance on two episodes of the British TV show on the Biography Channel: Dead Famous
Alfred Hitchcock-Winchester Mystery House episode
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Comments from Clients
clairvoyant insights and healing work

I feel it important for people to know how you work and miracles that come out of it. I remember about elven years ago I called you and you said I would be moving to Hawaii and find a job quickly and there would be flowers everywhere. When I moved here I did find a good job quickly in a bank and a florist was right in front of the bank!

I've been to several psychics over the years, some of them very good.  Catherine did something that none of them were able to do:  she intuited the spiritual root of my issue.  To say she found the resonance behind my recent struggles would be an understatement.  She also blew my mind with new ideas that 20 years of my meditation and spiritual exploration had not uncovered.  Her energy work from afar left me feeling light and happy for the first time in weeks. I'm still thinking about the concepts she introduced days later.  Catherine, thank you for bringing light to my heart. 
M.L., Nov. 2011

Hi Catherine,

Thank you so much for the reading the other day.  I am still experiencing a euphoric feeling two days later.  I am amazed and in awe of your skills and abilities.  If ever I had a doubt in the existence of angels, guides or a higher power...they have all disappeared.  Before contacting you I made a list of questions and things I wanted to find out about.  Without me asking, you answered all of them, sincerely and objectively. I discovered more than what I was looking for.  I am amazed at how accurately you could see me, and the situations in my life that I am experiencing.  Thank you for your insight.  I am looking forward to attending your Spiritual Awareness workshops and to have you as a teacher.
E.F. June 2011

Sweet catherine, I want to email you as a follow-up and tell you how relieved I feel!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like a weight was erased from my shoulders. I just feel lighter. It is like I am flying. I feel like I am flying. Its the neatest feeling.
I immediately forwarded your website to 4 people, I swear half hour was too short.
T. N. May 2010

I am impressed and bewildered with your accuracy!
C.I. Feb. 2009

Hi Catherine!
I am seriously impressed. I must have said, "Good heavens!"
at least 4 times before the third paragraph. Your reading blew me completely away. M.B. Nov. 2007 (email reading)

Dearest Catherine,
It was through an unfocused search of general information on
the ethereal realm that I found your web site. Looking back now, it seems I was led to your site, when you consider all the hundreds of thousands  possible. Your site communicates a balance of spiritual and worldly understanding which quickly set my mind/judgment at ease. And even though it was not my original purpose, I strongly felt the desire to schedule a session for a  specific healing. I was delighted and comforted to discover in talking with you  an instant rapport - which has always been a personal measure. But I had no previous personal measure for the powerful immediacy of understanding and healing that occurred! Incredible experience... and yet, is this not the way it should be? Yes, absolutely! Thank you, dear and remarkable Catherine. Much love and appreciation. - C. E., Oct. 2002

FOR YOUR WELL BEING, PLEASE READ: No guarantees can be made for the outcome of healing or readings due to the nature of free will. Although I practice with the best ethical  intentions and clarity of purpose, engagement of my services and what you do with the outcome is at your discretion.
No refunds are promised or implied.

You must be over 18 years of age to engage my services. Healing work is not intended to replace medical care. Please see a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist for mental health issues, an attorney for legal issues or a doctor for physical health issues.
I am NOT a fortune teller
Please read my page about clairvoyance about what I do and how to get the best reading

Blessings to all who pass this way


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